Wedding Flowers-Grey

Wedding Flowers-Grey

Wedding Flowers-Grey

Grey is often over-looked as a good option for wedding flowers and although the selection is more limited than with other flower types; grey flowers can certainly add a sense of sophistication to your wedding.

Grey is the colour of compromise & stability it creates a sense of calm and composure.

All Year Round:

  • Silver Brunia Balls
  • Dusty Miller
  • Grey Succulents
  • Penny Gum
  • Xerographica Tillandsia (Air Plant)
  • Olive Grey-Greenery
  • Moon Lagoon Eucalyptus
  • Spanish Moss
  • Sage


  • Lavender Leaves
  • Supernova Thistle


  • Windsor Grey Agapanthus


  • Silver Tree Leucadendron

For Wedding Colour inspirations that incorperate grey visit the below links:

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