Wedding Inspiration-Electrify-ingly Beautiful

Wedding Inspiration-Electrify-ingly Beautiful

Wedding Inspiration-Electrify-ingly Beautiful

The Colours:

  • Blue: is the colour of strength, dependability, trust and loyalty.
  • White: The colour of Purity, wholeness & Innocence. Signifies peace and equality.

Which Shades?

All shades of blue match each other very well. Use a navy blue or a pale blue or a combination of both.

Add a smidge of grey if you’d like. Incorporate this with the groom's suit or maybe with  different coloured bridesmaid dresses.

Why not add some silver into the colour mix for that extra sparkle?

Bring in some white with your flowers and of course with your beautiful gown. 😊

“Love is… That Spark of electricity between two people” LoveIsComix

The Setting:

This combination of colours would be perfect for an autumn of winter wedding. Think chic, clean and sophisticated.  

Blue can also work very well with a nautical or beach theme.

Fun Ideas:

A different colour for each Bridesmaid or what about ombre bridesmaid dresses??

The Flowers:

Nature gives you some very nice shades of blue, most of them fall in the lighter shades of blue though. Bring in the darker blues by using tinted flowers.

Look at our Wedding Flower Series for countless ideas for your big day, no matter the season.

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