Our Top 10 Questions-Wedding Venues!

Our Top 10 Questions-Wedding Venues!

Our Top 10 Questions-Wedding Venues!

So, now that you have put together your A-list of Wedding Venues and are getting ready for your Venue Hopping Road Trip with your future hubby, don't forget to put together your list of questions... Not sure what to ask?? Here are Our Top 10 Questions to ask a Wedding Venue:

Question 1: What all is included in the package, how flexible is the package, and are they negotiable?

It is important to understand what all is included. Ensure that there are no hidden costs, some venues charge for use of cutlery and chair covers for example. Also, some venues may offer you the world and come in slightly over budget asking if the venue is flexible on their packages may bring a wedding venue into your budget and you will still have a continent to play with. 😊

Ask about these things that we often overlook:

  • Easel for seating chart
  • Cake Stand
  • Staff Gratuity
  • Cold Room for Flowers
  • Minimum Number of Guests

Question 2: Do you allow external catering or alcohol, if so, are there any additional fees?

Venues may not advertise the fact that you can bring in your own alcohol, but often they will allow you to bring it in yourself for a small fee. Most Venues provide the catering as part of the package, but if you are keen on bringing in an external caterer and the venue is open to this ask them about kitchen facilities etc.

Question 3: Set up and breakdown times, do you provide this as part of the package or is this service at an additional cost?

Here, you want to find out about the times that your other wedding suppliers such as the DJ, florist and décor company can come and set up. If you are more of a DIY bride find out how much the venue is willing to assist with in order to plan the day effectively.

Question 4: Do you have an onsite Co-ordinator, if so, what are the services that they provide?

In most cases wedding venues would have this as part of the package, it is good to understand how much you can rely on the person on the day.

Question 5: Do we have exclusive use of the venue, or will there be other events hosted at this venue on the same day?

In some cases, a venue may host more than one wedding per day. This should not be a deal breaker for you. It is, however, important to make sure that each wedding has its own venue contact. Sharing a venue co-ordinator means you will only get 50% of their attention when you deserve 100%. A well-co-ordinated venue will host 2 weddings on a day with the brides not even noticing. Also ask the venue if there would be sufficient parking for the guests of both events.

Question 6: Are there time restrictions on venue use, specifically pertaining to music and bar tending? If so, is there an over-time rate that would be applied?

It is good to know what the limitations are regarding times etc. Some venues may require a DJ to stop playing at a certain time to avoid noise complaints. It is good to allocate some of your budget to overtime in case you or your guests want to celebrate a little longer on the day.

Question 7: Are there any restrictions regarding additional lighting and Décor?

It is good to understand what is allowed by the venue. If you have some ideas while looking at the venue ask about them; if you’d like to hang things from the trees, walls or ceiling; make sure you’re good to go. 

Question 8: What is the usual order of events, can you recommend a start time?

A good venue co-ordinator would have a good idea of how the day should play out, they would recommend a good start time so that you will get those perfect sunset photos.

Question 9: Do you have a flexible payment plan?

Most venues are open to putting together a payment plan for you it is a far easier pill to swallow if you take it bit by bit.

Question 10: Do you have a weather contingency plan?

If you are choosing to have an outdoor wedding, it is good to know what their rainy-day plan is, also good to know is how long it will take to change the plan in the event of one of our highveld afternoon thunderstorms.

Bonus Question: Are there preferred suppliers that we are obliged to use? Can you recommend some good suppliers?

Some suppliers may have a list of suppliers that you are obliged to use, keep this in mind when looking at venues. Most venues will have a list of preferred suppliers it is a good idea to use some of these as the venue would have used them in the past meaning they are all tried and tested, they will also be familiar with the venue.

Our last bit of advice to you:

Once you have found your perfect venue its good to get the ball rolling asap. Remember, most venues will only officially reserve your date once you have signed the contract or paid the deposit. To avoid disappointment, make sure to ask the venue representative what exactly is required to lock downy our date.

Now that you have your venue all the other details will start to fall into place and your dream wedding is starting to take shape, celebrate this massive step in your journey with a date night and a glass of Champers!

So Much Excitement!

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