Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Your Wedding Venue is one of the most important aspects of your wedding planning, once you’ve got your venue things will start to fall into place. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider while hunting for your dream wedding venue:

Work on Your “A-List”:

Although venue hunting can be fun it can also be daunting, you don’t realise just how many venues there are until you start to look for them, there are THOUSANDS! Where do you even start?! Do you filter through each venue one at a time until one stands out? No! Ain’t Nobody got time for that!

Here’s how you narrow it down:

  • Choose a Date:

Choosing a date will eliminate the venues that have been booked already.

  • Decide on Your Dream Wedding:

Don’t play dumb now we all know that you have had a vision of what you’d like since you were little! Deciding on a theme or venue type you’d like, gives you a focussed approach. So, do you picture you and your future husband saying your vows in amongst trees with birds singing in the background or do you see yourselves in the bush with zebra and wildebeest grazing on the horizon. What about a sunset beach ceremony, or a more traditional ceremony in a chapel?

  • Budget:

Deciding on a budget and keeping to venues that fall within your budget narrows your list down a little more, it can also prevent huge disappointment. Imagine walking into a venue and you instantly decide that it’s the one, only to find out that you would need to sell some vital organs and get married in a toilet paper dress in order to fit the bill.

  • Numbers:

If you have an idea of the size of wedding you’d like you can narrow the search down even more. Although most venues are quite flexible on this point…

Venue Hopping:

Now, you have an A-list of venues you’d like to look at, and yes, you absolutely have to go and have a look, strategically taken photographs can make anything look beautiful! I would recommend the first viewing should be the 2 of you on your own! Choosing a wedding venue is very personal thing and having everybody else’s opinions to consider can lead to rash decisions and unnecessary pressure, rather enjoy this time jump into the car with your future hubby and go venue hopping it really is a fantastic thing for a couple to share.

 It is important to involve your family fairly shortly after you’ve made your decision, it is your day but your mommy has been planning this day since the day you were born so try to keep her involved, she will appreciate it! It is also a good time for your families to bond a bit so include his mom to, and she is bound to be excited as well.

Be Prepared:

Be prepared when going to see a wedding venue, have all of your questions ready… if you’d like to have the pink and blue bunny rabbit ringbearers, run it by them, you don’t know what they may or may not allow.

Don’t be scared to ask questions they are people to and some of them have also planned their own weddings so they feel your pain a lot of the time.

Click HERE for our top 10 questions to ask a Venue!

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